Documents tell the written narrative of the story of any business. They play a vital role because they are considered as building blocks in the journey of an organization. They are to be valued because they are just as important as employees in running a business. So it is not a question why it is smart enough to invest in ways of keeping them protected and stored. And we got the right investment to help you!

Introducing DoxVault

DoxVault is a team of innovative people that provides the best document management solution for your business. DoxVault was established in 2004. We have been in the document management industry for 15 years. We manage any documents that you value. Our team also values clients’ satisfaction because we value people above everything else. And our clients are the most important aspects of DoxVault. We helped out a lot of businesses over the years. As a result, we often earn our clients respect and loyalty. Our team handles your documents so that you can focus on the goals of your business. And we are so proud to be a part of our client’s success.

Our Mission

DoxVault brings peace-of-mind to business by offering a full suite of document management services

What we do

We can help you go paperless
We convert paper files to electronic records. Let us help you convert the files to a digital format that works best for you.

Free-up space and store paper records
The cabinets take up space that can be used for many other things. If you are not ready to give up paper, we can still help you free up space by storing the documents for you. We store them in a secure location. Our team also ensures records comply with laws and regulations such as HIPAA.

Your one-call virtual office
We can become your virtual office by retrieving archive documents. You request a file and we know where to look for it. We’ll do the finding for you.